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Thanks so much for your feedback on last week's "This Week in the World" email! Most of you really liked it, so look for more of those coming up.

I've also heard that there are some issues you want to know more about, climate being one of them. This is the first of a few spotlights -- stay tuned for other issues soon (and let me know if you really want our take on something).

Climate Change Is...

Real. The link between greenhouse gases and global warming is as strong as the link between smoking and lung cancer. So: really, really strong. Among climate scientists, 97 percent agree that it's real and caused by humans.

A national security threat. The Pentagon has been saying for a while now that climate change will be deadly. But sea level rise, changing coastlines and humanitarian disasters are forcing the military to confront climate issues sooner rather than later.

A moral issue. The call to care for God’s creation and protect the most vulnerable among us are messages that transcend party affiliation and ideology. Faith groups, including FCNL, have a special role to play in helping Congress admit that climate change is real.

Beyond borders. International cooperation and a focus on shared security can make climate change better (see: some of 2014) or worse (see: Trans Pacific Partnership and Keystone XL).

Already happening. From extreme weather patterns here in the U.S., to nations that will soon be underwater, to millions of climate refugees in 2013 alone, climate change is already a part of our lives.

Our responsibility. Individual and family choices make a difference, and many climate activists are making more radical choices to live out their concern for the Earth. But we need policy change too, and Congress won't act without us.

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