Hoosier Hills Genealogical


Bloomington, Indiana


Article I - Name and Purpose

Section 1 The name of the organization shall be the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group (HHGG).

Section 2. The purpose shall be to encourage genealogical research, promote high professional standards and to help all participants.

Article II – Membership and Dues

Section 1. There are no dues. Membership will become effective when a minimum donation of $15.00 is made to The HHGG Fund of the Friends of the Library of the Monroe County Public Library.

Membership is for a calendar year beginning January 1 of each year. Annual membership fees are expected to be paid between December 1 of the preceding year and February 28 of the current year. Individuals may attend meetings of the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group without being a member of the Group, but will not be able to hold office or vote on Group issues. Anyone wishing to join the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group may do so at any time but the donations made will be credited toward the current year and will not be pro-rated. The primary means of communication with members will be via email and/or the HHGG web site.

Article III – Meetings

Section 1. Regular meetings of the HHGG shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Monroe County Public Library or at other locations and times when necessary. Changes to the location or time should be announced at least a month in advance and will be communicated to all members of the HHGG.

Section 2. The annual meeting of the HHGG will be held during the regularly scheduled November meeting of the HHGG during which time elections are held.

Article IV – Officers

Section I. The officers shall be Convener, Membership Coordinator, Publications Coordinator and the Web Coordinator . Their term of office shall be one year.

All officers shall be members of the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group. The officers will comprise the Executive Board of the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group and shall:

Section 2. The Convener of the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group shall preside at all meetings of the Hoosier Hills Genealogical Group and confirm the upcoming meetings.

Section 3. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the membership list, and an email list of members. He/she will also responsible for ensuring that those present during any formal voting are members in good standing of the HHGG. The Membership Coordinator will send membership renewal notices to all members of the HHGG during the first week of September of each year.

Section 4. The Publicity Coordinator is responsible for reserving the meeting room, communicating the agenda of upcoming meetings to members, the general mailing list and the press as well as communicating any special events of the HHGG to appropriate newspaper and other venues. The Publicity Coordinator will serve as the Convener of HHGG monthly meetings in the absence of the official Convener.

Section 5. Web Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining the HHGG web presence and in the case of the HHGG Blog with monitoring incoming posts to the blog to ensure that any incoming posts are appropriate to the goals of the HHGG. The Web Coordinator will work with the Publicity Coordinator as well as members of the HHGG to update the web presence on a regular basis and maintain the Membership and Notification List on the web site..

Article V – Committees

Section 1. Nominating Committee will be appointed by the members of the Executive Board from members in good standing of the HHGG at September meeting. The Nominating Committee will be composed of three members and will be responsible for selecting one nominee for each member of the Board and shall report a slate of officers in writing at the October meeting with terms of office to commence the following January. Board members shall be elected by a simple majority vote of those members present at the November meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor. Only those who consent to serve, if elected, shall be eligible for nomination.

Section 2. Any vacancies which occur in any of the Board positions will be filled for the un-expired term by a member elected by majority vote of the Board and the members of the most recent Nominating Committee.

Article VI Amendments

Section 1. The by-laws may be amended by three-fourths majority vote of all members present at a regular meeting.

Section 2. Any member may propose an amendment by submitting the same in writing to the Convener. who will present the amendment at the next general meeting. The amendment will be voted on the meeting after its presentation.

Article VII - Parliamentarian Authority

Section 1. The business meetings of the Group when needed shall be conducted in accordance with the parliamentary procedures set forth in Robert's Rules of Order.

September 2011